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Since it's beginning, mankind has been looking up in the night sky, gazing at the stars and wondering if there's life out there, somewhere. The LOVE PLANETARY collection is a declaration of love to the universe.


All DAYE / TURNER watches are designed with mindfulness and attention to detail. We dedicate each watch to a celestial body that is relevant for humanity and space travel.

But it's not just the name of a star or a planet—our watches show the position within it's constellation

and the angles necessary to locate the celestial body from the earth's surface.


These angles are also displayed on the dial of some of our watches. In terms of the moons of our solar system, we illustrate their position in relation to their planet; Enceladus, for instance, the moon orbiting Saturn in the E-Ring.


We developed a custom typeface for the dials of DAYE / TURNER. Hardly any manufacturer spend a lot of thoughts and love in consistent design for their watches. Standard typefaces are used, mixed with the brand image, some use arabic numbers, some roman. But rarely are those watches to correlated to a certain brand or bear recognition value.


When we started our work with the design process, we layed focus on brand recognition. Our watches should speak the same language. That was the reason for us to develop a unique typography with it's slightly rounded corners and a very special 1 and 4.


The narrow style of the font—almost like a condensed style—is a timeless solution. Without any unnecessary ornaments that push to the foreground. An easily readable and unmistakable font, that shapes our brand image.

One attribute that catches the eye immediately is the central second hand that is always in our brand's yellow and that carries the DAYE / TURNER logo star at it's end. This star can also be found at the 12's position on most of our dials.

All other hands are, just like our typeface, without frills, simple and reduced to the essential. They are easy to be seen, yet plain and unobstrusive. Just as everything in our designs.

Our brand details are also to be found on the crown and the buckle, depending on the model, engraved as logo or the brand name.


With the same attention to detail we take a lot of time to develop the straps for our watches. The challenge is to find the right material colors that need to prove in test that they meet the demands of our customers.They may, for instance, not rub off when the strap is—on hot days—exposed to greater amounts of sweat.

Our recurring attribute is the yellow inner leather lining that is stitched to the outer smooth leather strap.

For some models we use a silicone base strap which is being decorated with a smooth leather fitting stitched upon it. Coloring the inside of this silicone strap is not possible, we therefore apply a characteristical yellow stitching that reflects the brand affiliation.


Since the leather straps are of selected quality we give them our brand seal of approval in shape of a steel star application.

You will always recognize DAYE / TURNER leather straps by this star.


We refrained from applying the star to the silicone bands because they only fit the models they belong to.


Another option for straps is the nylon NATO strap that is threaded behind the watch case. It is perfect for sportive activities. The DAYE / TURNER NATO strap can be recognized by it's two yellow stripes.